Student Code of Conduct

Upon admission to Atlantic Cape, students accept a commitment to act in a responsible manner, which conforms to generally accepted standards of adult behavior. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the College’s Code of Conduct.

It is expected that all students will show courtesy and respect for each other and for administrative officers, faculty and employees. Students must understand and accept the necessity for various College regulations and they must comply with directives of those authorized to enforce regulations.

Students are expected to respect the property of the College and that of others. Damage to or destruction of such property will be considered a matter for disciplinary action.

All students are expected to present an appearance that is neat, clean and in good taste. Students also are expected to recognize the importance of their personal appearance. Proper dress on campus, therefore, is expected. Some College programs reserve the right to require specific dress/uniform standards.

Students who act in a manner contrary to the best interests of the College will be subject to such penalties as the circumstances justify.

The College reserves the right to dismiss any student whose attendance, in the judgment of the administration, is detrimental to the College or its students.