PC Specialist

This series is designed for the working person who needs user skills in personal computers. Students should complete this series if they own a business, work in an office, want to develop Internet proficiency or simply need to update their skills.

They will learn how to select hardware and software for a business, use a PC to enhance efficiency and productivity, and skills to supervise a small PC operation. Students will also learn the most common business software applications: word processing, spreadsheets and database. In addition, there is coursework on PC operating system software (Windows), file management, multimedia, and the Internet and the World Wide Web.

For additional information, please contact area coordinator, Svetlana Marzelli, at (609) 343-5017 or smarzell@atlantic.edu.

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Utilize the fundamentals of Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and relational databases;
  • Compare optimum hardware and software for a Windows based operation;
  • Develop spreadsheets and databases for the accounting of assets;
  • Develop a network of peers for additional insight of issues that may occur.



Choose two:

CISM162- Microsoft Excel

CISM164-Microsoft Access

OSTM262-Business Presentations Using Multimedia


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