Disciplinary Process for Violation of Acceptable Standards of Conduct

In all cases of disciplinary action where students are subject to institutional disciplinary penalties, the College will take every step to ensure that due process is maintained and respected. In the case of flagrant violations of conduct, the College reserves the right to immediately suspend a student pending a hearing.

If a student demonstrates inappropriate behavior and disregards the College’s Code of Conduct, these steps will be followed:

  • The student will meet with the appropriate Campus Judicial Officer (CJO) to resolve the issue or to receive notice of disciplinary action.
  • The student will receive written notification on the outcome of the meeting held with the CJO. If disciplinary action was taken, the student will be made aware of his/her right to appeal.
  • The student may appeal the disciplinary action by informing the CJO of his/her intent in writing within seven (7) days.

The student will receive, in writing, the date, time and place of the formal hearing within 14 days after the student’s formal request. This letter will also contain:

  • A detailed statement of each charge.
  • Notification of the student’s right to have an attorney and a
  • Response Form regarding the student’s intention to waive or not waive this prerogative (student must sign and return this form).
  • A complete list of College witnesses.

Notification to the student of the right to make a case on his/her own behalf with witnesses, subject to College cross-examination.

Atlantic Cape will request the signature of the student acknowledging receipt of the written charges and hearing notification.

The Student Standards and Conduct Committee will be convened to hear the student’s appeal. The committee will make its recommendation to the Dean of Student Affairs/Enrollment Services who will then render a binding decision. The student will be notified of the disposition of the appeal within seven (7) days.