Culinary Arts I

This two semester certificate program is designed to provide students with career training for entry-level positions in the culinary industry.  The Certificate can also be used as a foundation for completing the Culinary Arts, A.A.S. degree at the Academy of Culinary Arts.

For additional program information, please contact the Culinary department at (609) 343-4944.

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism and exceptional work ethics;
  • Participate in community service activities;
  • Work effectively in teams;
  • Identify environmental and conservation issues related to the culinary industries;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills appropriate for entry-level positions in the culinary field;
  • Practice life-long learning as it relates to career goals;
  • Compare and contrast traditional and non-traditional career opportunities;
  • Identify industry sanitation standards;
  • Know and apply industry equipment safety standards;
  • Apply basic cooking techniques, correctly interpret recipes and procedures; and apply food safety in product preparations. 
  • Demonstrate effective communication and computation skills.

(CULI-Fall 2019)


Total credits:

Recommended sequence of courses:



Culinary Arts