Course Drop/Add or Changes

Changes in registration may be made at any of the Atlantic Cape locations by completing a registration/course change form in person, by fax or mailing the change. You may also make changes via the Web. Dates to change registration status vary by semester and session so please refer to the online Academic Calendar for specific dates. The date of the change determines the amount of any eligible refund.

The effective date of the change will be the date the request is received in person; the postmarked date, if mailed; or the date the transaction took place online.

To be registered into a closed course, students must have written permission from the faculty member.

Students may withdraw from a course but should do so only after a conference with a counselor or advisor. Students who wish to withdraw from courses may do so in writing by the deadlines as listed in the online Academic Calendar. A grade of “W” will be assigned for each course. “W” grades are not computed in students’ grade point averages. Withdrawing from class may affect financial aid awards.

Not attending classes or stopping payment of a check does not constitute an official withdrawal. These students will receive an “F” grade and will be responsible for course costs.

See Leave of Absence.