Center For Student Success

Counseling can be one of the most important resources available to you while attending college, whether you are a recent high school graduate, returning adult, transfer student or veteran. Counseling can be essential in assisting you in the achievement of your educational and/or career goals.

An advisor or counselor can help you navigate obstacles that may interfere with your academic progress, choose an appropriate degree program that aligns with your career goals, help develop a resume and cover letter, and assist with the transfer process.

If faced with challenges, which you find difficult to handle alone, such as personal issues, alcohol and/or substance abuse, feelings of depression and/or despair, come meet with a counselor. There is no cost to meet with a counselor and counselors adhere to ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality. Students are referred to community providers if long-term counseling or services are appropriate.

Counseling services are available at all three campuses. Call (609) 343-5667 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

Academic advising is also housed in the Center for Student Success and designed to assist students achieve their academic and career goals.

There are six academic support programs to help eligible students attain their academic goals. The programs are Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF), Student Support Services Program (SSS), New Jersey STARS (NJS) and Student Leadership programs; Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) and Peer Mentors, Men of Atlantic Cape (MAC) and Stockton Transfer Pathways (STK Pathways).

The programs offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to counseling, academic advisement, monitoring of academic progress, assistance with the transfer process and cultural activities.

See Educational Opportunity Fund, Student Leadership Programs, New Jersey STARS, and Student Support Services.