Air Traffic Control Terminal

The Air Traffic Control Terminal, A.A.S. degree will prepare students for entry level employment as an Air Traffic Controller. The design of the program affords students the opportunity to learn the prerequisite concepts and techniques required to be a professional Air Traffic Controller. The program delivers both practical and conceptual knowledge through the use of course work and learning activities while incorporating hands-on learning and extensive use of simulation, reading, writing, problem solving and listening exercises.  

Applicants must be 26 years old or less (FAA age limit to be hired as an Air Traffic Controller is 31) and must complete Atlantic Cape’s Air Traffic Control Program Application for Admission in addition to the College’s Application for Admission. For other eligibility requirements, please see the Application.

Graduates of Atlantic Cape’s Air Traffic Control Terminal program must take the Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) Test.  Opportunities to take the AT-SAT exam are made available either through occasional FAA-announced “Public Bid” test dates or through receiving a recommendation from a College Training Initiative (CTI) certified institution.  CTI recommendations are issued at the discretion of the authorized institution and are not guaranteed.  This examination will determine aptitude and skills necessary to become an Air Traffic Controller. If hired by the FAA, students will be sent to the FAA Air Traffic Training Academy located at the Michael Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, OK, for initial qualification training as an Air Traffic Controller. After completion of this training, students will proceed to an assigned facility for more specific training.   Completion of Atlantic Cape’s ATCT program does not guarantee employment. 

Atlantic Cape has signed transfer articulation agreements with Collegiate Training Initiative colleges that will allow graduates to transfer and obtain their CTI recommendation. Contact the division chair for an updated list of transfer agreements. Currently, Atlantic Cape students are eligible to apply for FAA “Public Bid” job announcements.

For additional program information, please contact aviation division chair, Timothy Cwik, at (609) 343-4992 or

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Prepare for entry level employment as an Air Traffic Controller; 
  • Read and interpret ATC rules and regulations;
  • Demonstrate control of aircraft in a simulated environment;
  • Explain ATC rules and regulations;
  • Solve ATC related problems.

(ATCT-Fall 2021)


General Education Courses

When a course is not specified, refer to the list of approved General Education courses.


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Social Science

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*FAA age limit to be hired as an Air Traffic Controller is 31.

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Associate in Applied Science