Withdraw From a Class (W Grade)

A student wishing to withdraw from a class may do so in writing or online until the 10th week of the fall or spring semester. Summer, winter and any other sessions that do not meet for the entire semester have varying withdrawal dates. A grade of “W” will be assigned for the course. “W” grades are not computed in the student’s GPA. Contact Enrollment Services or check the Academic Calendar for dates. It is each student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses, by the deadline, at any Atlantic Cape campus or online.

Non-attendance of a class does not constitute an official withdrawal and the student will receive a grade of “F” in the course. A failure or withdrawal in a course may impact financial aid awards and/or status.

Procedure for withdrawals after the “W” period ends and prior to final grades:

  • If a student can document extenuating circumstances beyond his/her control (sickness, death in family, out-of-town, injury, job change, etc.), the Dean of Student Affairs/Enrollment Services or Dean’s designee (Registrar-in Enrollment Services) has the authority to allow the student to withdraw.
  • If a student makes a request to his/her professor for a withdrawal after the “W” period but prior to the final grades deadline, the professor may approve the request by signing the registration/course change form.