Student Transfer Appeals

All student-initiated transfer appeals must be submitted in writing to Wendy Young-Gray, Program Officer,, Cape May County Campus Student Services, within 30 days of receiving an evaluation of transfer credit.

  1. Program Officer will refer student-initiated appeal request to appropriate transfer counselor/advisor who will review the appeal and attempt to work out a resolution. Before a final decision is made, the transfer counselor/advisor will be required to contact the college or university on the students’ behalf as a final attempt in negotiating a resolution. However, the decision of the receiving school is final. The student will receive a decision to their appeal request within two (2) weeks of submitting their appeal.
  2. Once a decision is rendered on an appeal, the student will receive written notification of the outcome of the appeal. Though a student can be notified by email, written notification is also required.

Appeals Process under the Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement: Each baccalaureate institution shall have a procedure through which a transfer student can appeal a decision that he/she believes is not consistent with this Agreement. The procedure shall be published in the institution’s catalog, student handbook, and website. A student who wishes to appeal a decision must file that appeal with the baccalaureate institution through that procedure. Such appeal must be submitted by the student within 30 days of receiving the decision in question. The baccalaureate institution will provide a decision to the student within 60 days of receipt of the appeal. The decision of the baccalaureate institution is final.

The relevant community college will be informed of the nature of the appeal and the decision by the baccalaureate institution.