Human Resources Professional

This series is designed to provide students with the knowledge needed for entry-level human resources and/or supervisory positions. Students are provided with a foundation of management functions and practices, including human resources, ethics and employment law.  This series can be completed in less than one year. Credits earned can be applied towards an A.A.S. degree in Business Administration.

For information, contact the area coordinator, Dr. Karl Giulian, at (609)343-4996 or

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Explain the human resource management process and its importance to organizational effectiveness;
  • Identify the different levels, roles and functions of managers;
  • Compare and contrast the external and internal environments that impact management;
  • Discuss ethical issues more clearly, critically and logically;
  • Examine leadership theories, models and perspectives within a variety of workplace situations and organizational cultures;
  • Articulate an understanding of power, influence and change as related to leadership styles.


Total credits:



Human Services


Professional Series