English as a Second Language Program

The English as a Second Language program is designed for students, whose native language is not English, who want to improve their ability to read, write, speak and understand American English, and who want to study at Atlantic Cape to earn a certificate or degree. The focus is on reading, writing, listening, speaking and American culture with emphasis on group interaction and active learning. Students practice writing at all levels and reading extensively. Instruction includes computer laboratory work, using the Internet, and language laboratory work, where appropriate. Class sizes are small with courses offered during the day and evening in the fall, winter, spring and summer.

Students are required to take the English as a Second Language Compass ESL Test. Students who are absent from the college for a period of more than 12 months must retake the Compass ESL Test to re-evaluate students’ skills.

ESL program courses are designed in a numerical sequence. Students who have graduated from an American High School may place into ESLN080, an advanced level course taken in place of ESLN090/092. ESLN080 students will move directly into ESLN100 after successful completion of ESLN080. Students who are placed into ESLN100 are also required to take ESLN099. To exit the program, students must earn both a passing grade of C or better for ESLN100 and placement into an English Department course from the ESLN100 Exit Exam.


Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate oral fluency in standard American English;
  • Demonstrate aural fluency in standard American English;
  • Demonstrate fluency in reading fiction, non-fiction and academic course work;
  • Demonstrate fluency in a wide variety of writing.

Program Courses

See the Course Description section for course content


The offices of the English as a Second Language Program are located at the Charles D. Worthington Atlantic City Campus.  For information, contact the Admissions Desk at (609) 343-4878 or the ESL area coordinator, Gwen McIntyre, at (609) 343-4837 or gmcintyr@atlantic.edu.

Adult Education - English as a Second Language 

This program is funded by a grant from the New Jersey Department of Labor. The program offers free non-credit ESL classes for beginner speakers. Level 1 and 2 classes are offered in the morning and evening. For higher level students interested in college, the program offers College Pathways 3 and 4. These pre-college ESL courses provide students with the academic English skills they need to be successful in college. These classes are also free and textbooks are provided.

All ESL classes are offered at the Worthington Atlantic City campus. For more information, contact Barbara Kozek, Director, Adult Literacy at (609) 343-4713.


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English as a Second Language