Emergency Closing/Cancellation of Classes/Text Alerts

Students are encouraged to sign up for Atlantic Cape’s TxtAlerts to receive up-to-date notifications in case of emergency situations or school closings. Participants can sign up for the text message program at www.atlantic.edu/student-life/security/text-alerts.php. Atlantic Cape TxtAlerts is an opt-in, permission-based program. Participant contact information and message preferences are kept private. Students are asked not to call the College switchboard to verify closing. See the College Web site at www.atlantic.edu for information on closings.

Announcements of closings are also carried over local radio stations. These should be noted carefully as the closing may be for a specific campus or only the morning, afternoon or night classes may be canceled. Radio stations in Philadelphia use the number 918 for day, and 2910 for evening cancellations.

Students may decide whether extreme weather and road conditions prevent their attendance at classes when the College is open. In such cases, students should notify the College in advance and state the reason for their absence by calling (609) 343-5114. Students who miss a class must still complete assignments.

Cancellation of a class may also be necessary because of the sudden illness or unexpected absence of an instructor and it is too late for a substitute to be assigned. Students will be notified of the cancellation by a notice posted on the classroom door or delivered in person by another instructor. Further study assignments may be given out by the same means.

If an instructor is late for a class, students should wait at least 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time of the class. After such time students may leave without prejudice, but one student should inform the Academic Resources Office of the instructor’s absence: Mays Landing – room A123, Cape May – room 335, Atlantic City – room 255.