Credit–Academic Issues (Grades, Etc.)

  • Level 1 — the student meets with the faculty member. If the issue is not resolved, the student proceeds to the next level.
  • Level 2 — the student meets with the appropriate academic dean. If the issue is still unresolved, the student proceeds to the next level.
  • Level 3 — the student meets with Dr. Aigner Holmes at (609) 343-5098 or, who will forward the case on to the Academic Standards Policies & Procedure Committee. This committee will make its recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Affairs who then renders a binding decision.

A student may request a College counselor to assist them at any level of the grievance process. The counselor’s role is one of support and advisement. The counselor helps clarify the appeals process, assists the student with the preparation of his or her case, and helps the student explore options so the student is able to make a more informed decision. Any choice made during the grievance process is that of the student. Counselors are not at liberty to make decisions for students or present evidence or testimony on the student’s behalf.